What to Monitor and what to evaluate?

Understanding the condition of the community/target group before the project was initiated is useful in order to provide a point of comparison for monitor and evaluating changes that occur during the project. baseline survery conducted at the beginning of the project can provide a point of reference for comparison and for understanding change in the community/target group. It is useful to distinguish between the different kinds of results genereted from the project: outputs, process, outcomes, impact and reach. These can be brieffly as follows:

1.Outputs: describe the concrete and tangible products of the research as well as the occurence of the research activities themselves.

2. Proces: describe the methods and approaches used for the project.

3. Ouitcomes: describe the canges that occur within the community or with the project managers that can be attribute, at least in part, to the project process and outputs.

3.Impact : describes overall canges that occur in the community to which the project is one of many contributing factors. One such impact often expected from project is positive transformation of the community/target group.

4.Reach: describes who is influenced by the project and who acts because of this influence.

Areas of Evaluation

Evaluation ay be split into various aspects, so that each area of the work of the agency, or of its particular project is evaluated. This may be:

1, Porpose 2. Programs 3. Staff 4.Financial Administration 5. General

1. Purpose: The review the objectives of the agency/project and how far these are being fullfilled.

2.Programs: Aspects like number of beneficiaries, nature of servicesrendered to them, their reaction to the service, effectiveness and adequacy of service etc. may be evaluated.

3. Staff: The success of any welfare program/agency depends upon the type of the staff an agency employs. Their attitude, qualifications, recruitment policy, pay and other benefits and organisational environment. These are the areas which help to understand the effectiveness of the project/agency.

4. Financial Administration: The flow of resources and its consumption is a crucial factor in any project/agency. Whether the project money is rightly consumed any over spending in some headings, appropriation and misappropriation. These are some of the indicators that reveal the reasons for the success or failure of any project.

5. General:  Factors like public relations strategies employed by the project/agency, the constitution of the agency board or project advisory committee and their contribution future plans of the agency are important to understandthe success or failures of any project.