Many projects in third world countries fail to be successfully completed due to several reasons. Among these are lack of understanding of the need for monitoring and evaluation.

M&E plays a major role in this international development by helping organizations—like nonprofits and NGOs—ensure that their programs are effective. It can be used to weigh donations and funding against various factors to assess their success, so funding can be adjusted as necessary and the strategies can be improved upon. The results of continuous monitoring and evaluation can help prove to donors and funders that their money is being used and allocated correctly.

.Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are complementary functions that help organizations learn about what works and what does not, adjust programs to meet planned objectives and account for the outcomes and results achieved. To be able to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of projects and to apply new knowledge and incorporate lessons learned, monitoring and evaluation is key.

COLEMA-ME provides technical assistance to clients and partners to strengthen programs through state of the art M&E techniques. We also provide consulting services to develop and strengthen M&E systems for other organizations. Our support helps organizations to:

  • Improve data quality for research and programs.

  • Provide information on results and impact to project sponsors.

  • Meet stakeholders' needs for results and impact information.

  • Contribute to learning and development at the project and sectorial level.

Strategic objectives

  • To provide platform for Continuing Professional Development through learning opportunities (annual conferences, coaching, symposia, meetings and workshops).

  • To promote high quality intellectual, ethical and professional standards in M&E.

  • To enhance the use of M&E theory and practice.

  • To promote the development and adoption of M&E approaches and methods suitable to the Burundian developmental context.

  • To promote undergraduate and post-graduate educational development in the field of M&E.

  • To facilitate consultancy and employment opportunities for members.

  • To enhance the profile of M&E at national and international levels.

  • To provide a platform for building understanding of international developments and trends in M&E.

  • To be the Association of choice for M&E in Burundi.

  • To promote national and international networks in M&E.

  • To create opportunities for publications by the association and its individual members.