Operating from bURUNDI rWANDA EN UGANDA, the MESP-NEDERLAND was incorporated in July 2018 to offer a sustainable and focused channel through which MESP-NEDERLAND would drive its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the EA Countries.

It has also created a vibrant network of local and international partner organisations through which its various projects are executed.

he COLEMA-ME  partners with both public and credible private organisations to execute sustainable projects in each of the chosen focus areas. COLEMA-ME receives and processes proposals monthly. COLEMA-ME is committed to ensuring that the selection and approval of its projects are conducted in a manner that is transparent, systematic, efficient, and effective while promoting its mission. As such, approved guidelines are strictly adhered to, in the selection of projects and partner organizations.

Project Selection Criteria

  • Must be in line with the COLEMA-ME key focus areas.

  • Must not be for profit, i.e. have no commercial intentions but be purely for CSR objectives.

  • Must be sustainable for a foreseeable future.

  • Have a broad community impact, both direct and indirect.

  • Must be for beneficiaries within the EAC